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We have created a website that aims to gather a network of people who wish to take action in order to save the Earth. Doing it is as simple as writting a letter.

Do you want to do more to help heal our planet--to help promote positive solutions to health and life-threatening problems like environmental deterioration, nuclear proliferation, and social injustice? Would you do more if you only had the time, the energy and the resources?

The way humans use the Earth is rapidly depleting it of its resources and causing great change to the eco-systems that sustain the abundant variety of life. Despite what some politicians claim, climate change is real and they should be using there powers as elected officials to rein in the desecration of our planet. We as the public that put these people in office need to do our part by convincing those representing us to act.

You may think that writing to the president or your state senator or congressperson will not be of any use, they must get thousands of letters! But the fact is, many people think that and they actually receive quite less than one might expect. Also, a single letter to an elected official is considered to represent the views of 100 to 1000 voters. Imagine the impact it would have if only 100 people wrote their representative. They would pay attention if they believed that 100,000 voters were deeply concerned about climate change.

Not just senators, but write to your local newspaper as well. Spread the word through your community about your concern for the environment. use your accounts on social networking sites to voice your opinions and share information with your online acquaintances. Keep talking, someone will hear you

What to Write?

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Urge your U.S. senators to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation now! Ask them to champion the passage of a strong and comprehensive climate and energy bill. One that would drastically cut down immisions. Tell them that a strong climate and energy bill will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, boost the economy, and create jobs for American families in a struggling economy. Urge them to maximize consumer savings and clean energy job creation by strengthening energy efficiency and renewable electricity elements.

To learn more about writing to an elected official, please see our letters page. We teach you how to compose an effective an impactful letter that is sure to get your representative listening.

For new information that could be useful to use in your letters, see our News page. There you will find valuable information to help strengthen your argument.

Of course this site can not provide you with everything there is to know about the environment in America. So on our About page, you can learn more about various environmental groups and agencys in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency's website is a great place to learn more about what the federal government is doing (or not doing) to save the planet.